Guardian Mortgage

Guardian Mortgage Company began in 1965 when an enterprising young man of common sense and uncommon smarts had a better idea. While building homes in Grand Blanc, Michigan, our founder Jack Sweet saw firsthand there was an opportunity to provide a better mortgage experience for homebuyers. Jack believed most home mortgage lenders were missing the mark on customer service. He wanted to treat customers the way he would want to be treated, by offering advice on which loan options best fit their needs and walking them through each step of the home loan process.

So, Jack set out to create a better kind of mortgage company: one built on integrity, superior customer service, and mutual trust. The way Jack saw it was that customers would not only come back again and again if they were treated right, but also they would refer their families and friends.

Guardian Mortgage flourished. Customers appreciated the respectful treatment, honesty and sound advice Guardian offered them. As Jack had predicted, they spread the word far and wide about a different kind of home mortgage company.

900 Wilshire Drive

Troy, MI 48084

Phone: (313) 737-3771