Vibrant Vocal Power

 It is my firm belief that all people have a unique message inside of them that they yearn to deliver, a significant  message that will enable them both to share their gifts with the world, and also to reach their own business and lifestyle goals.

Hence, the mission of Vibrant Vocal Power is to help people, businesses and non-profits to:

  1. Create the most powerful and appropriate messages to share;
  2. Acquire the skills to share them effectively, both in person, online and in print;
  3. And, perhaps what is most difficult, overcome the fear of sharing them, especially in person.

I am dedicated to helping people and organizations to leverage the power of public speaking, networking and talking on the phone to skyrocket their business.

Overcoming these fears can empower you and your business or non-profit to:

  1. Attract copious clients, customers or donors (if you are in a non-profit);
  2. Become top-of-mind whenever your product or service is wanted;
  3. Generate increasing numbers and size of sales or donations;
  4. Build the strong relationships that result in repeat business;
    1. Get referrals from your loyal customers and raving fans.

As a public speaking, networking and phone calling mentor and trainer, I can enable you and people in your organization to become comfortable with actually talking about your business or organization in situations ranging from networking events, to product presentations, to speeches in front of audiences of any size, to talking on the phone with potential clients and business contacts.

By combining my marketing and writing skills, along with my voice acting training, and extensive public speaking experience; I can work with you and people in your organization to:

  1. Create the magnetizing messages that truly represent your unique business voice;
  2. Develop confidence, competence and ease in delivering your messages during any opportunity that presents itself.

The surprising and gratifying benefit of amplifying your professional communication skills is that your interpersonal skills are enhanced as well.

Contact me today to arrange for your own personal Public Speaking and Networking Breakthrough Session; or to schedule an upbeat, interactive presentation for your group, full of strategies that can be immediately put to use. This will enable people in your organization to receive the benefits of owning their own powerful messages, having the skill to deliver them effectively, and the ability to share them with confidence and ease in any situation.


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Franklin, MI

Phone: 248-716-3068