Motorcycle Insurance

Basics of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

If you ride a bike you already likely know how vital good motorcycle insurance is in case of an accident or injury. Not like in the operation of other motor vehicles, there are unique risks of driving a motorcycle, not the least of which is because of other drivers not seeing the cyclist. Insurance is one way of protecting yourself from these risks.

Motorcycle insurance gives coverage for accidents, damage to your motorcycle, or even theft and anyone who operates a motorcycle is well advised to keep insurance just like in the use of any other vehicle. And keep in mind that the law requires maintaining some level of insurance and that one have it in effect at all times.

Depending on the plans chosen, this insurance will cover personal injuries to passengers or to someone else involved in the collision should you be determined to be at fault. With collision coverage included is damage to the motorcycle from an accident. There is also coverage for the possibility that the other party involved is either uninsured or underinsured. There is also coverage for events and acts like theft, vandalism or for even hitting an animal.

Arguably, the most important kind of optional coverage is for collision, but there are several other offerings too, like liability, which the required coverage for damage or injury to others when the accident is your fault. Again, collision covers the damages to you motorcycle, regardless of fault. Comprehensive is the kind of coverage provided for non-collision caused damages to your motorcycle, such as when there is a fire, running into a deer, vandalism, and so on.

With the uninsured property damage coverage, you are helped if the other party in an accident is determined to be at fault but found to not have insurance or is not insured enough. This coverage compensates you for your medical bills, wages lost and more. You can always add more property damage coverage to this policy should you wish.

With an accident, which can happen at any time and in any place, there can be major expenses and this means having good motorcycle insurance can save you from lots of headache with financial challenges. And, not to mention, there is the peace of mind in knowing you and your two-wheeled steed are protected