Supplemental Insurance

Do You Need Supplemental Insurance?

Supplemental (sometimes known as “supplementary” insurance) is generally offered by private companies and can be utilized for the payment of some of the expenses resulting from health care that your traditional insurance plan will not cover. For instance deductibles, coinsurance and copayments are prime examples what supplemental insurance will cover.

Supplemental insurance is, essentially, extra or additional insurance coverage that a person can obtain to help with the compensation for services and for out-of-pocket expenses that a normal insurance policy will not cover. It basically fills in the gaps for you and helps to pay for normally out-of-pocket extra expenses that can quickly accumulate should you find yourself with a health crisis. Some supplemental policy options allow one to make use of a cash benefit that can be spread out over time or it can come as one lump sum payment.

One can use these payouts for a myriad of things, including the replacement of lost wages, help with transportation expenses arising from a health condition, or to even help with the purchase of food, medication, and other things you may require during an illness or injury.

Supplemental insurance, sold by private companies only, assists you by providing extra help when needed to cover expenses above and beyond the usual and it also gives one priceless peace of mind in knowing that the traditional policy is made close to fail safe.